Friday, May 16, 2008

Uniform sale day

Friday! Oh boy! It is Friday and I wanted to have a clean house this weekend. I was trying to keep up my laundry but then I did not fold the clothes. I am going to ask Brian to help me folding clothes. I was busy cleaning Brian and I's bedroom. Well as Ben said- that is Daddy's bedroom LOL. I just wanna have a clean before Brian comes home. I know he will be happy then.

At 1PM, Mary finally woke up from her nap. She was upset at me because I ignored her when she was asking me to nurse her because she is tired and sleepy. She is my little hard headed kid. Well- Like Mother like daughter LOL. I was trying to wean her and I think it is so hard to do it. She is stubborn and persistent that she can get it. If somebody watch her, she is perfectly fine that there is no "dede" but if I am there near her. I cannot skip it when she needs it.

I was late! Picking up Benjamin at school. I called Yuhko letting them know that I am late and I need to get money at the base. Poor Benjamin, he is waiting for Mommy's arrival. Oh boy! I forgot to send my order for the uniform. I am so glad that the guy was so kind enough. He let me order and Yuhko is going to put in Benjamin's bag when the order comes in.

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