Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I have two girls today

My friend Christy has a grand daughter but she can call it in her own because she was taking care of her when she was a baby. I don't wanna know what is the reason but the most important thing is that. Mary had a little friend name Jasmine. She likes Mary as well. She kept saying "baby" which is really cute.

Christy drop her off this morning about 9AM and the nice thing was... Christy bought her new toy so she won't cry when leaves. This way, she is so excited to her new toy. Mary has a present too.... A barbie doll. To make this two busy. I took out Mary's toy and few of Benjamin's toy. They were so busy playing. At about 10AM. Jasmine was asking if she could eat and I said. Oh yeah... I guess we have our snacks. She and Mary were enjoying eating their snacks... they are just like buddies.

I told the two girls that I am going to cook lunch. I cook rice and chicken. When the food was cook, I told them that we will eat lunch early so we can go out in the playground and play. I put food on their plate and drinks on their sippy cup. I just could not believe it. Jasmine eat chicken. I am so happy then or else she will be starving. She was eating well and drink her apple juice. I offered water for her drink but Mary took it. She refuse.

When we were done eating, I asked them if they wanted to go out now and play. The two girls were so excited to go out... both of them said "OUT". It is really funny. But I asked them that I need to change their diaper or else they will get rushed. Both girls are good. They lie down and let me change their diaper. This two are so good and I am so happy then.

We were so excited to go out and we got busy putting on our shoes. I did not remember that I locked the door and I think Jasmine do. She is a good girl. We were so happy walking down the hill and I took lots of photos of the two. I have also photos of them playing at the slide and even running in the field. This two are great playmate. When you hear them laughing and giggling. You can tell that they were buddy in playing. I am so thankful to God that both girls are doing well.

Mary kept going to the side and find some ants/bees/bugs. She is enjoying watching the crawlers. Jasmine was enjoying too. When we were at the slide. A lady and her boy were there too playing. So aside from this two... they were playing with a Japanese little boy. They were running back and forth. You can tell on their photos how happy they were.

Mary was keeping stumbling.. I know she is tired. I asked Benjamin if we could go home and we can come back later. She did not resist but she followed what I say. I promised the two that we will go out again after their nap.

So when we got back. I let them drink liquid to hydrate them. And now both of them were taking a nap. I am busy typing and looking my watch that I won't missed Benjamin drop off at 1345 at the bus stop.

I will say... my day so far are doing well with the two girls. Jasmine never cry, she is doing good. Well, I give this two a quiet day with no screaming ad yelling. I hope Jasmine will be fine after her nap with no fuss. I will just make it sure that she is well feed and well hydrate to make her happy. I am looking forward for tonight that she will be doing good. I am so thankful to God that she is good.

Brian called me and let me know that it is time to pick up Ben at 1150 but I told him that I need to change my alarm.

I am logging off now and I will share their photos later... you can see how happy they were playing outside....

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