Saturday, May 17, 2008

Learn to care houseplants and where to buy

I always love plants and that's why I took an agriculture course as my degree. When I was working before at the Department of Agriculture, I always encountered lots of interesting things on how to care plants but I never think of caring or buy houseplants. Personally, this is pretty cool to have it at home. It is very refreshing and cool to your eyes as you look in your window or even at your own side or coffee table.

When I was pregnant at my first born, my friend was trying to urge me to buy silk flowers and I just found out that my hubby wanted to have a real houseplants. He said, he had enough with those fake stuff at home. I was considering of buying it but I won't say that I am not a green thumb. My first two house plants that I bought, it died. Because I did not watered it LOL. After awhile, I just found myself that I have number of houseplants at home. Believe me or not! I have beautiful orchids in my window where everyone can see when they are walking in the outside. We are living in an apartment complex and we are at the ground floor, so then everyone can see it. I love green foliage. It is very refreshing in your eyes when you wake up in the morning.

If you are looking to buy houseplants then try to visit the link above. They have tons of listing of houseplants from foliage, flowering, and succulent houseplants. There is also a tips of caring and watering houseplants.

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