Monday, May 12, 2008

Mary is upset at me

Mary and I took Benjamin to the bus stop for school pick up. She does not want to go inside but she wanted to stay outside. She was at the door watching me if I go inside. She stayed there and try to think if Mommy comes back. I just look at her what is she doing. She went inside finally and try to reach the box where we inserted our house key so the second door will be opened. She was kind of jumping but she could not reach it. The door is glass so I can see her perfectly.

I finally went out and get her but she refused. She wanted to stay outside and play. I have few stuff to take care inside the house. We made a mess this morning and need to clean up a little. She was crying so loud and I told her that we can come out for just 20 minutes and then come back here in the house. She kind of agreed. So, we went out and she was hurriedly straight to the playground. She went to the slide. I just could not imagine this little kid.

When we were there at the slide, I feel so cold and I am thinking if she get cold too. Well, she has a coat on but who knows she get cold too. I asked her to slide the last time so we can go home because Mommy got cold. She sled and then I pick her up and brought to home. She was crying on our way back and I was trying to distract her but she still crying. When we go to the house, she was crying so hard more...oh boy! This kid is a little brat. She did not took off her crocs and she brought my sandals to the living room. So, we could go out.

I was trying to distract anything and she finally settled down now. She is watching wiggles. Oh boy! I am so glad that she stopped crying or else I will give her spank for being hard headed. This little girl is so funny. I just could not imagine how terrible she was? I just can see my attitude f being pushy sometimes. I wonder why she is pushy... she got it from me LOL.

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