Friday, May 09, 2008

After a nap

I was falling asleep and I was really happy that I woke up 5 minutes before Benjamin drop off at the bus stop. Mary and Jasmine are still sleeping and I am so happy then because I know they were so tired from our after lunch out.

I hurriedly going outside and walk to the bus stop. I just leave the two girls sleeping. It is not worth it to wake them up and it end up that they get fussy because of lacking of nap. I told to Benjamin that we have a visitor and her name is Jasmine. He first thought that it is his friend back in WA but it is not. I was explaining it to him that this is different Jasmine.

The two girls woke up after an hour while Benjamin got home. I promised them to take them outside after their snacks. I am so glad that they eat well and their battery is recharge so they have lots of energy to burn again. While me? I got tired chasing. Benjamin was so excited to go out and play. He was so happy bringing the two girls out. He is the leader LOL.

Mary was doing great and she is so excited too. Everything is an adventure for her.

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