Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bought a new ice cream maker

I was delighted when Brian thought of buying a new ice cream maker. I was really excited to make one. Last week, we started to make one but I thought Brian did not follow the directions that supposed all the ingredients should be chilled. So, today we had a second attempt of making ice cream- This time all the ingredients were chilled and the canister is also frozen for about 24 hours. Brian just wanted to make it sure that he did it right.

Well, Brian requested to have a light dinner tonight. It is a grilled cheese sandwich. After I made it, I asked him to start running his ice cream maker so when we done eating, the ice cream is ready to serve too. Benjamin was so excited to see the output and he even skip dinner. I am not worried anyways because he was eating almost all afternoon- when he got home from school.

So so so excited then. Brian check the machine and it is still on wet side and not fluffy or very creamy- you know ice cream like. Boy! Brian decided to extend another 10 minutes just to make it sure that it needs more time... still the texture still the same. Never change the consistency. It was a bum! Can you think of an ice cream that supposed to be like this? Stinks! I asked Brian to return the ice cream maker. We were disappointed. I am not recommending to buy this brand "Denis" Gosh! stinks!

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