Monday, July 07, 2008

Brian got sick again

I just could not believe Brian is always got a problem on his stomach. He has diarrhea for almost 4 days now. I hope he will feel better today. I was giving him food without any oil ... possible! Just to keep his stomach settled. I know oil will trigger. Me and kids were just fine. He was sick starting Saturday morning but he still have the eagerness to bring us to Aquarium. We planned not to go to church that day but we wanna see the beauty of Gods creation.

When we were there at the aquarium, he looks pale. I wanted him to bring to the hospital but he refused. All Sunday, he kept going to the toilet. I offered to go to the base and buy something to alleviate his diarrhea but again he refused. This man is a stubborn man. The next time he will be sick and refuse. I will give him a spank... Yesterday, he called his boss Phil not to go to work. I feel bad though because Monday is a busy for his workplace. I am glad that he feels better after taking imodium last night. If I did not insisted to buy stuff for him then I am sure he still sick today. I hope the toilet at work won't love him LOL...

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