Thursday, January 26, 2012

My picky eater: Ben

ha ha ha, I really love to hear my picky eater saying: Mom egg is what category Mom, I said that is protein..Looking at his plate and said: Wow! I have protein (egg), grains(oatmeal), vegetable(1/2cup broccoli), an apple(fruits), a glass of sunny D orange juice.. So I will say I eat healthy... then I said: Yes you eat healthy.

Yesterday I did not offer them milk, Ben is freaking out, I dont have dairy today Mom. I said, go drink a glass of milk. He asked how much I need for my dairy products and i said, you dont need lots of dairy. If you can eat 5 servings of vegetables then you are very healthy boy. I am so lucky since he ate the dark green veges. Spinach and broccoli has almost all the vitamins needed for the body. I say HORRAH! I won. Now, we are looking for trying to introduce the carrots. I told him to start trying to eat carrots either raw or cook. He refused but I will see how it goes.

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