Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dinner at Italian Gardens

It's been awhile Brian and I have a dinner together with no Kids interruption. We were enjoying our dinner by talking anything. The food was very good. We tried to catch the garlic night here but here we go, we got it. The kids are at Ryan and Michelle Taylor's house. They have slept over.

We started with Sting Rose as a starter. oh yeah we ate the entire cloves of garlic. They roasted it and baste it with olive oil and sprinkles with parsley. Yum!

Main Entree: Rib eye steak cook in medium rare, Brian's meal
They did a good job in grilling the broccoli it was perfect.

Salmon grilled with Alfredo sauce and it was really good and the price is good as well. I tried to be a vegetarian but I still eat fish, egg and cheese. I cant drink cows milk because I am lactose intolerant. I go to the bathroom right away.

We finish up a dessert tiramisu. I was craving for tiramisu and dont know why LOL. When we went to O-club, there was none and even in CPO last Feb 14, our valentines dinner.... finally I got it here at Italian Gardens.. The last two slice available in the kitchen LOL.

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